The Epiphany 

Funny  how things can just all of the sudden hit you. You can just be walking down a street and boom. Just this glaring truth show up.

I read all the time. I’m taking a course on emotional regulation and I’m attending a support group on a weekly basis. In these settings I’m hearing a lot about “recovery”.

It’s one thing to change a behaviour but it’s a whole other thing to actually take on the root of the issue.

Behaviours are tough. I’m not debating that at all. I am, however, saying that there’s more than meets the eye most of the time.

I realized suddenly that this distinction is at the heart of many of my conflicts. I’m doing the right things and going through the motions but am I truly recovering from deep within​?


Okay. So let me see…,

Now what do I do?

How do I begin to tackle everything I’ve stacked against me in my head? How can I possibly make a moral inventory when I have​ forgotten so many things? 

Recovering is joyful, I’m told. But at the moment it is looking a lot like an uphill battle. A long one.

Let’s hope it is worthwhile.


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