The Recovery

Things are changing. I’m not sure what the catalyst is, if the meds are working or if the spring is springing or if it has more to do with me being held accountable at emotional gunpoint…. But something has really been triggered inside me.

On a grand scale, I feel motivated. Not only to write but to create in so many ways. There are times during the day when I am sluggish and uninterested in getting going… But mainly I’m good.

I’m trying so hard. And the moments where I’m lost or dissociated are getting fewer. it’s refreshing.

It’s refreshing that fifteen weeks into a class I’m seeing real results in my life. It’s refreshing to start being able to access mindfullness in stressful times. It’s refreshing to lash out less. It’s refreshing to feel good.

To be comfortable in my skin. To feel okay and even peaceful on my own. I’m enjoying things again while remembering how hopeless things had become.

It’s working because I’m working it.


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