The Nagging Emptiness 

Do you ever have a dream where you need to get something that’s always just out of reach? 

Or have that feeling you’re forgetting something but you just can’t reach it?

Maybe you’ve had a word or a name on the tip of your tongue….

That’s what I feel like.

I used to give a shit. I cared what I ate and who I was and where I was headed. I used to have pride and dreams and aspirations to bigger things.

Now I’m a shadow of that person.  It’s hard to even get dressed sometimes. I’ve been low lately and I can’t find the motivation in me to do …. anything.

The thing of it is that I want to be better. I’m actively trying to work on the things that I need to improve but… I’m impatient. So very impatient. 

Passion doesn’t feel like something you can force but I miss it so much. I want to get to that place again. Where I was before everything got spun around on me.


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