The Backstory

Imagine living your entire life believing that you had it all figured out until ….. Suddenly crashing into an existential crisis. Imagine  believing that nothing is anything and life isn’t worth living. Imagine being comfortable in being completely disorganized and messy . A life of being on the edge of unreasonable. You don’t see things like others do.

 Yes, you are strong and capable but also afraid and unsure. And every now and again when conflict arises… You wonder if there’s something bigger at work. Is this normal behaviour?

I’m 33 years old and 6 months ago I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I kept my diagnosis close but have recently jumped in the deep end by sharing my experience. 

I figure that understanding the experience will help people to put aside their ideas about bipolar and truly listen to a perspective on the human struggle. My human struggle, which is what reading or writing a blog is truly about.

I still believe that sharing the human experience is the spice of life. 


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